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If your aim today is to learn about the Clickfunnels Discount program, you’ve come to the right place. A Clickfunnels coupon code is a great way to save some dough on this pricey program. But what is the best discount?

Our article seeks to explain everything. 

Read on to learn how to get your Clickfunnels discount…

What is Clickfunnels? This is a rapidly expanding online tool that aids thousands of people around the world in making money on the net. 

Russell Brunson is the man behind Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels offers you the chance to make many different funnel types for your eCommerce operation or online business.

Here is a sampling of the funnels you can make: 

  • Fishbowl funnels
  • Auto-webinar funnels
  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Capture Lead Funnel

And many more.

Remember guys, Clickfunnels is the best of the best. So, you have to pay top dollar, $97 a month, to use it. Yeah, no wonder we are looking for a Clickfunnels coupon code. Okay, let’s get started learning three tricks to getting discounts on Clickfunnels. 

Method 1: Special Offer from Russel Brunson-Funnel Hacking Secrets

funnel hacking secrets

The guru himself has stepped up to offer YOU a discount, and all you have to do is click here to see that offer. 

In a nutshell, this provides you THOUSANDS of dollars worth of discounts, so it may very well be the best Clickfunnels discount out there. 

At first, you are greeted by a fun video of Russell Brunson, creator of Clickfunnels. You have reached what we call the Special Offers Page.

It nets you a 56% discount and nearly $9000 worth of bonus training from Russell for zip, zero, nada. 

So yeah, click the link and enjoy your savings plus these great courses: 

  • SOAP Email Sequence – a $1997 value
  • Inception Secret Course- a $1997 value
  • Traffic Hacks Course – $1997 value
  • 6 Weeks- Funnel Hacks Master Class

This gets you a total of $8998 worth of education for nothing when you use the page we linked above as the way to sign up for Clickfunnels.

Get The Discount

Method 2: Using the Secret Plan


This trick for getting a Clickfunnels discount code is a bit sneaky, but we love it anyway. You notice right away that when you sign up for Clickfunnels, you are asked to pay $97 a month. With this method, you don’t have to pay that high amount each month. All you need to do is follow this hack to get your Clickfunnels discount.

Begin by canceling your Clickfunnels account.

Go to Account, Account Billing, and then Cancel My Account. 

You want to click “Cancel My Subscription.”

After that, three offers will pop up. 

$37 per month Personal Program- allows you to create five funnels, 20 pages, and 5,000 visits

$67 per month Bootstraps Plan- You can build anywhere from 5-10 funnels, 50 pages, and 10,000 visits

$9 a month Pause Plan- All your pages, subdomains, funnels, and other stuff is set aside, but you cannot edit or add anything in.

This particular hack is great because you don’t need to pay $297 or even $97. You can start from just $37 per month and enjoy the best Clickfunnels deal around. 

This could go away at any time! So keep this fresh in your head- this depends on the policy of Clickfunnels. They might end this program if people take advantage of it, so it’s best to get going right now and click to start your journey right away. 

Method 3: OFA Platinum Discount

ofa platinum

OFA means One Funnel Away, and if you’ve been learning from Russell like we have, you hear that phrase a lot. You can click here to get your discounted One Funnel Away Platinum plan. It gets you six months of Clickfunnels, costs $997, and comes with some cool free bonuses such as:  

  • Onboarding Service
  • OFA Challenge Kit 
  • And more!

After all, Clickfunnels is a little confusing when you first learn about it. This One Funnel Away challenge is designed to help you by offering a 30-day training program that will show you just how to go about launching your next sales funnel. It’s inexpensive but can help you earn thousands, even millions.

Method 4: Free Trial Offer

Everybody loves free stuff, and this is no different. Clickfunnels has an amazing promo deal in the form of a 14-day trial period. Click here to see it for yourself. 

If you are curious about the Funnel Builder Secrets program but don’t have a Clickfunnels account just yet, sign up for the free trial.

You can play around with the software for a little while and see if it’s something you really want.

Here’s what you get: 

  • Funnel templates
  • Tony Robbins collection
  • Funnel Builder secrets
  • High Ticket Funnels Templates
  • Funnel Hacker Forum

And so much more. This stuff is worth thousands of dollars, and they're just giving it to you for free. Can't argue with that!

Method 5: Platinum Plan Discount Code

We won’t mince words- many people on the Platinum Plan have made some serious dough, and we highly recommend you check it out.

Now the Platinum Plan is not cheap, but you do get a lot with it. Personal development coaching, funnel creation, and free marketing all come with it, for starters.

And as this article goes on, we will take a look at the features of the cheaper Clickfunnels program and see how it differs from other plans the company offers.

Let’s begin with a breakdown of the Clickfunnels plans and pricing.

Get The Discount

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

So, of course, the Clickfunnels program starts you off with a free 14-day trial.

Once your trial is up, you can enjoy the $97 per month Starter Plan or the $297 per month Platinum Plan. They used to call this the Etison Suite; some of you OG Clickfunnel users might remember that.

They have their pros and cons. But let's first begin by doing a quick rundown of what each program entails.

After all, it will help you ultimately decide which way you'd like to go when you sign up for the program.

Here’s the Starter Plan and what you get: 

  • Membership funnels
  • Full integration
  • Auto-webinar funnel
  • Funnel template
  • Funnelflix
  • No followup funnel
  • Funnel Hacker messaging forum
  • 3 gateways for payments
  • 3 Custom domains
  • Support via chat
  • Share funnel ability
  • No team members- 1 user only
  • Unltd contacts and leads
  • 100 sales funnel pages
  • 20 funnels, each completely different

Here’s the Platinum Plan and What You Get: 

  • All features of the starter plan
  • FunnelFlix with unlimited access
  • Priority support via chat
  • 9 custom domains
  • 9 payment gateways
  • Affiliate Center access, called Backpack
  • Access to your followup funnels
  • Unltd. contacts and leads
  • Unltd. Amount of unique visitors
  • Unltd. Pages

Okay, So How Do I Get This Discount?!

Thanks for sitting through the rundown of each program. Now we can show you what you came for, which is the discount. It’s known as the Clickfunnels Secret Masterclass. Go check it out!

You're gonna want to buckle your seatbelt for this because it is special training that Russell himself put together. This is where he shows you the methods behind what the top dogs of Clickfunnels are doing to make millions. He showcases the techniques and methods of the top 1% of Clickfunnels earners and how you can copy those methods for yourself and get them to work for you.

Learning the secrets is totally free- how’s that for a Clickfunnels discount. It’s that Webclass you sit through- the one you saw being counted down to when you first clicked that link above. 

 However, that's where the Secret Masterclass page I linked above comes into play. I mean, you don't HAVE to do the training to access the chance to buy the discounted program, but I think you should hear what he has to say- Brunson is the expert after all! 

Okay, so drum roll, please….

The discounted Platinum Plan comes out to just $997. YES! That’s over a 40% discount, and while I know it is very expensive, it’s still a super deal. 

Once more, it is highly recommended that you still undergo the class Brunson created. You will learn secrets of conversion, acquisition of traffic, and funnel optimization.

Plus, the Masterclass has some great bonuses you will just love- here they are.

Challenge: 1 Funnel Away

This program usually costs about $100. But, you get it included as part of the discount pricing. 

Hack A Thons

Here we have an opportunity for free coaching for Platinum Clickfunnels members. If you would like to learn how to create a certain funnel, use a Hackathon as your resource. 

You can do these each weekday at 9 AM and 3 PM. When there is a holiday in the USA, they don't hold these.

Program: 10X Mastery

Previously Brunson sold this at a very high price. However, you can get it as part of the Secret Masterclass Discount pricing plan.

It has all the strategies and scripts that Brunson utilized during  Grant Cardone’s 10X Conference and helped him generate sales of 3.2 million in just an hour and a half. 

Ad Skills and Traffic Secrets

This is a suite that contains courses on conversion and acquisition of traffic.

Is This Really Worth It? 

You might be asking at this point if you really need the Clickfunnels Secret Masterclass. After all, your eCommerce operation is going, but it's no booming business just yet. And we understand- this program costs nearly $1000.

Not everybody needs this program- here’s who we do think can benefit from it. 

  1. If you are a large business owner and you need numerous domains, funnels, and pages, go for it.
  2. The Clickfunnels Secret Masterclass gives users unlimited access to FunnelFlix, free marketing training, and lots more benefits. This is great if you would like to save money on marketing consultation or bringing in an expert to help you grow. The courses taught by this plan are by no means chintzy or stuff you can find for free on the net- they really do have valuable information.
  3. If you are new to funnel building and would like to master it from top to bottom, this program can surely help you do that. 
  4. Ultimately I think if you’ve been eyeing up Clickfunnels, or you are already signed up but want to save on the cost of $297 a month, this is a great discount you should take advantage of. 

Many of you are probably thinking, "Is the Secret Masterclass worth my time?" Yes, because you do learn some amazing things, and you get all that great stuff in the Platinum Plan, as we outlined above. And the training is second to none. You can't beat it.

Clickfunnels is Not For You If….

  • You don’t have a business plan.
  • You don’t have any goals, ideas, or thoughts about where you want your business to go.
  • You heard somewhere somebody got rich or is doing well thanks to Clickfunnels, and now you’re here to cash in. This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it an easy money generator.

Sales funnels are tools used by business owners to drive traffic and conversion. So, don’t sign up if you’re not in the online business sector. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Clickfunnels Discount/Clickfunnels Coupon

Here are the common queries people pose to us about Clickfunnels discounts, Clickfunnels coupon codes, and Clickfunnels deal.

Are there any other Clickfunnels Discounts?

As of right now, this is all we could find in terms of savings when it comes to Clickfunnels. The Secret Masterclass plan, which costs $997, is a super deal, coming in at over 40% off.

Meanwhile, the Funnel Hacking secrets program is sold at a 56% discount, which helps you learn and save money.

Can You Make Money Using the Discounted Plans?

The answer is yes. As Russell Brunson always says, you are just one funnel away from seeing a difference in the performance of your online business. 

One single funnel is the principle behind Brunson's 2Comma Club Award. But your ability to make money with your funnels will depend on how well you line up your product or service with the right people, creating and posting good copy, achieving a great offer, and stationing yourself where you will be seen by people who want what you are selling.

It’s no secret!

As you will learn- or perhaps you already know- that there are lots of factors at play in what makes a great funnel finally convert. When that funnel does convert, you earn money. That’s why we stand by going through the Secret Masterclass presentation so that you will learn the basics. Don’t just dive in headfirst without some knowledge of what you’re getting into.

Are There Promo Codes Or Clickfunnels Discount Codes?

No, just savings on the programs offered by Clickfunnels. 

You also get discounted rates on some of their product offerings- a down-sell if you will. For example, if you were to buy and go through the Network Marketing Secrets funnel, you could get the One Funnel Away Challenge for $47.

What Happens During Hackathons?

These take place at 9 AM and 3 PM on normal business days. They focus on specific types of funnels and how you can build the funnel to suit your business. It's a fine-tooth comb look at how to build funnels using strong fundamentals taught to you by Clickfunnels teachers and guides.

Everything is laid out step by step, and you will learn how to tailor the funnel to your enterprise.

Question and answer sessions are also included in your daily hackathons. Here, Platinum members may ask all questions they desire about funnels and how they can successfully execute it into their business.

Get The Discount

Can I Get A Refund?

If you decide that this is not for you, rest assured that there is a money-back guarantee for all Clickfunnels stuff.

If you find that within 30 days you are not happy with the program, aren't totally satisfied, or just feel it's not the correct platform for you, then go ahead and ask for a refund. Simply email to do this. 

Is There a $19 Clickfunnels Plan? 

If you researched like me about Clickfunnels deal, you probably came across some bloggers ranting and raving about the fabled $19 plan for Clickfunnels. 

I hate to break it to ya, but that’s no longer available. 

So, just wanted to throw that out there- yeah, we were disappointed, too.

Wrapping It Up - Is The Clickfunnels Discount Worth It?

It is our hope that we were able to offer you information about Clickfunnels coupons, Clickfunnels discounts, and Clickfunnels coupon codes. 

The truth of the matter is this: There are no coupon codes to enter. How you will get a discount on Clickfunnels is by taking advantage of discounted rates for their products and services. 

That being said, many businesses have found success with Clickfunnels, and with hard work, you can do the same.

Which of these Clickfunnels discounts will you take advantage of? They can surely teach you a lot, so get started right away so you can start earning faster. Click any of our included links above to get going.

Clickfunnels Discount