Doodle Maker Review & Bonus

The world is constantly changing, but in this current age, doing things on the internet is normal. That is why programs such as Doodle Maker are becoming more popular and necessary.

For multiple reasons, some professions can find a use in such a program, from trying to increase your website’s sales to keep your students’ attention during online lessons. 

Think about it, whenever you are watching something, you will always find yourself more likely to sit through it if it’s animated rather than an actual person talking. It’s more entertaining to the human mind!

In this Doodle Maker review, I’m going to go over this video marketing blaster and its features before letting you know if I think it is worth the price or not.

What Is Doodle Maker?

Just for a quick overview of what exactly Doodle Maker is, it’s a video marketing blaster that boasts as being one of the first to use artificial intelligence technology. It uses this to transform any kind of text or content into a colorful doodle video and can be done in any language.

If you think about it, that’s a pretty amazing feat, but is it really as great as it sounds? I was skeptical at first myself, but the more I used this program, the more I found myself becoming intrigued.

Doodle Maker is unlike any other animation software I’ve ever used in the past. Here are some of the reasons why.

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What Are the Features That Make Doodle Maker Special?

This is the most important question that needs to be answered when doing a video marketing blaster review. So, I’m going to go through the key points of Doodle Maker that I personally either used or found to be incredibly helpful in my time checking it out.

You Don’t Need to Be an Artist

I’m someone who is camera shy, and I don’t enjoy being in front of a camera for any reason, even if that reason is to benefit my business.

As an entrepreneur that is interested in using art and cartoons to sell my products, I’ve always wished I was better gifted with the ability to draw. Sadly, even my stick figures look like they are malformed and wouldn’t be able to sell water to someone who was dehydrated.

With Doodle Maker, you will find there are pre-made doodles and templates that you can customize into unique characters. These doodles all look amazing on any of the whiteboard, blackboard, or glassboard video templates that Doodle Maker has available.

There Is No Need to Record Your Own Voice

This can kind of go along with the fact that I’m camera shy: I positively hate the sound of my voice, and I often slur my words. So, even though Doodle Maker helped me create my doodle persona, I really wasn’t looking forward to having to record my voice.

Well, it turns out that I didn’t need to! All I needed to do was enter my text, and then I had a choice of different male or female voices to choose from that all sounded natural!

You would never guess that they all came from artificial intelligence technology, and I was incredibly pleased with this feature. I chose a soft female voice that went well with my doodle.

Just with those two options, I knew I was sold. But that’s not all that this video marketing blaster can do.

Multiple Languages

Whether you speak a language different from English or want to spread your doodle to different language-speaking countries, you will be happy with this next feature.

Doodle Maker allows you to create your doodle in literally any language. That’s right, if the language exists and is spoken today, you will be able to make your doodle in that language.

This is great for trying to make sales overseas or if you are just simply trying to get a message out in a language different from your own. It truly is an innovative feature, and I hope that more programs come out with it in the future.

Color Changes Made Easy

You start by making your animated doodles in black and white, and then changing the colors is so incredibly easy. I really enjoyed being able to mess around with the different color options until I found the perfect colors that matched my doodles and voice options.

It was really easy to do – all it required was selecting the color and then clicking on what I wanted to be that color. If I didn’t like that selected color, then I simply chose a different one and clicked on the item again for it to change.

If you’re picky like I am about aesthetics, this is an important option to have available in a program such as this. In the end, it came out being colorful, exciting, and was perfect for the sales pitch I was trying to create!

Transition Options

With animated videos, you always need to have a form of transition, but you don’t always get to see the full effect in live time. Thankfully, Doodle Maker is a program in which you can!

Not unlike the color selector, the transition options are built-in and allow you to see what the transition looks like then and there without needing to watch them all from beginning to end.

Some of the transition options available are:

  • Slide from bottom
  • Fade in
  • Hand paint
  • Slide from left/right

All it takes is clicking your option, and you get to see what it will look like.

You Can Still Record Your Voice

Just because I prefer not to record my voice does not mean that everyone feels the same way. If you want to use a doodle maker to create something of your caliber, you can record your own voice if that’s what you would prefer to do.

That is another part of the reason why I think this video marketing blaster is great for just about anyone. It has features that almost everyone will find to be enticing!

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Images Converted into Sketches

There are a lot of different reasons why someone may find a reason to use this option, even if I didn’t use it personally. I still messed around with it in my time using Doodle Maker, and I was amazed by what it could do.

You can take any image, even a picture of you with your pets, and have it turned into a black and white sketch. The effect is amazing, and I definitely saved that particular picture to my computer for my use.

You Can Use Your Watermark

This is important when creating content that you intend to share with the world. You don’t want to create something with your own work just to release it and have someone else steal it.

A lot of video marketing blasters won’t allow you to use your own watermark, so I like that Doodle Maker does. This makes it harder for content thieves to take the content you worked so hard on and try to pass it off as their own.

Eight Different Hand Styles

With options like this, you can be assured that even if someone has an idea similar to yours, it’s highly unlikely that two doodles will ever be the same. You can choose from eight different styles to make your doodle and make it your own.

It can be either really cartoony or something slightly more realistic. I personally went with a style that is kind of in between the two, helping it to scream out my sales and personality.

Music Library Options

This video marketing blaster review just keeps finding different ways of showing how amazing this product can be for creating animated videos, but this will be the last feature I go over. You have multiple high-quality royalty-free music tracks available to choose from when making your animated doodle.

That means that if you choose music from the built-in library, you won’t get hit with any copyright suits because they are free to use without complaint. Music always adds further personality and makes a doodle come to life.

How Much Is Doodle Maker?

Another great thing about Doodle Maker is that when you purchase it, that’s it! You buy it, and you own it.

Monthly subscriptions can get so tiring, so being able to officially call this product your own after you buy it is wonderful.

This also includes additional features that you can get to add to your Doodle Maker app. When you buy the upsells, that means that you own it and will never have to pay for them again!

The current prices for Doodle Maker and its upsells are as follows:

  • Doodle Maker Software: $47
  • Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited: $497
  • Doodle Maker Deluxe Upgrade: $49
  • Toon Video Maker App: $39
  • Client Engine App: $29

You don’t even need to buy everything at once! You can buy the software and test it out before deciding to buy any of the other upsells.

Do you want to know another thing I love about this video marketing blaster? If you don’t love it by the end of 30 days from purchase, you can get a full refund!

What Are the Upsells?

In order to complete this Doodle Maker review, I’m going to go over the upsells and what each of them are. This will help you to understand what they are and why you may or may not want them.

Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited

This is the upsell that is for large enterprises and large-scale software resellers wanting to use Doodle Maker for their white labels. By purchasing Doodle Maker Whitelabel Unlimited, you will have access to:

  • Adding logos and branding to your doodles
  • Website and sales videos done-for-you
  • Software updates
  • Unlimited use of all the app’s enterprise features
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Unlimited reseller site hosting
  • Ability to edit your website with the drag and drop editor

Doodle Maker Deluxe

This is an upgraded version of Doodle Maker with live updates that you will see every month, along with additional features that you don’t get with the basic version. Some of the things you can expect to see with Doodle Maker Deluxe include:

  • Unlimited usage of 56 premium male and female life-like voices
  • New video templates every month
  • New doodle characters every month
  • Premium background music files
  • 25 ready-made video scripts in male and female voice-overs
  • VIP video rendering
  • Software updates before basic Doodle Maker

Toon Video Maker App

If you want to use Doodle Maker for making toon videos, this is the upsell that you will want to look the most into. It has plenty of benefits for those that seek to make numerous toon video.

These benefits include:

  • Ability to make unlimited videos
  • Amateur friendly and easy to use
  • Unlimited video length
  • Everything comes included

Client Engine App

There was an option for the big-time earners, so here is the option for those that are seeking to get hired. Freelancers, this is the upsell that you’ll want to pay close attention to.

The benefits this has for those wanting to be hired by clients include:

  • Ability to find top-paying clients to hire you through visually attractive animated videos
  • Sell your Doodle Maker videos for-profit and keep all your earnings
  • Unlimited possibilities to make profits
  • Unlimited usage forever
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Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying?

I was incredibly impressed with my usage of Doodle Maker, and I am happy with my purchase of this product. I think it is easy to use and a fantastic product for literally anyone interested in making animated doodles for any reason.

It has features that I believe everyone will find likable and has a wide variety in templates, customizations, and free style that won’t be found in any other app. Even with the fact that thousands of others are also using these doodles, the options ensure that no two videos will ever be the same.

I found it to be a lot easier to use than I initially thought and was pleasantly surprised at the fact. Even though I was so overwhelmed at first with all the options available at my fingertips, the amount of personality my animated sales video had was worth it.

Doodle Maker is fantastic software, and for the current price, I recommend it with high marks.

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