GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

In the new era of digital marketing, where small businesses can compete with the largest corporations and brands, you need a digital marketing tool capable of delivering you the right leads. GrooveFunnels is one such tool, and in this GrooveFunnels Pricing, you will explore the many unrivaled features it has to offer at the most affordable prices.

As a digital marketer, you understand that there’s no better way to generate leads than creating funnels. Arguably the most effective, personal, and sales-oriented strategy that any business can use for their marketing endeavors. They are ideal for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses – indeed, a universal strategy that works under every marketing channel. However, can you create funnels without tools? Well, yes, you can – but that would be like trying to build a house without a hammer or a screwdriver – sure, you could do it, but it would take a long time, and the end product would not be very pretty.

To create funnels that help you make more sales, the process begins with you. To create funnels that help you finally gain those elusive leads, you will need a tool – you will need GrooveFunnels.

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What Is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a digital marketing tool enriched with a ton of amazing features designed to help you create highly-effective funnels that generate highly targeted leads. The tool has been developed, keeping in mind the complex needs of small businesses that are now competing with big companies. It assists small businesses with lead gen, marketing, marketing automation, and sales funnels, and the best part – It offers all these for a price that does not hurt your pocket. And to make it even better, it puts all these tools at your disposal without a lengthy and technical process – all you need to do is to sign up for GrooveFunnels, and you are all set to use their features.

The buzz about GrooveFunnels and many endorsements from the leading marketing gurus have propelled the tool into one of the most sought-after sales funnel tools on the digital horizon. The incredible success of the tool is not a casual occurrence but is the result of thorough research conducted by Mike Filsaime and his team. Mike is an extremely successful digital marketer known for his many innovative marketing strategies and Kartra – the innovative marketing platform that he co-founded. Mike had conducted research on all the sales funnel tools, lead generating sites, and landing pages available in the market, asking questions such as “Where do people struggle with creating a sales funnel?”, “What is the biggest problem they are facing?” and something as basic as “What do they really want?”. These and other such questions gave birth to GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans:

GrooveFunnels, like many digital marketing tools, offers distinct ways to upsize your package with unlimited amounts of leads. Although at first, you may think this is too good to be true but rest assured, it is totally true, and it is not a gimmick at all; GrooveFunnels is an incredible tool that delivers what it offers. To get to know a little more about GrooveFunnels, let’s take a look at their pricing plans. After all, it is their pricing that drives our decision in the end, right?

1. GrooveFunnels Base Plan – $0:

The only 100% free, functional, and remarkable digital marketing tool you have ever known. The free version provides you access to all the powerful features from GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate & GroovePages basic that will allow you to create highly-effective sales funnels using an Easy Drag & Drop builder and powerful copy editor anyone can use. If that’s not enough, it also provides you access to basic GrooveFunnels hosting that empowers you to create a landing page or two.

You can publish any sales funnel or landing page directly from your site without needing any technical knowledge, which means that even a beginner-level user can create an attractive landing page that can drive leads. However, nothing is free without limitations. In this free version of GrooveFunnels, you are limited to merely the basic functionality of what this tool is capable of and will not have access to the more advanced features.

The basic plan, though, allows you to create funnels that don’t allow you to email your buyers, affiliate, and leads, making it difficult for you to increase your sales and, ultimately, your bottom line. Further, you won’t be able to email potential buyers who have abandoned the checkout process.

2. GrooveFunnels Silver Plan – $99:

The Silver plan caters to your needs as a starter’s level with plenty of concessions and features. The Silver plan includes access to all the features from the basic plan and offers you advanced features, including GrooveMail, GrooveMember, & GrooveVideo. Further, you are entitled to additional funnels that can handle everything from a few hundred to several thousand subscribers. In addition, you are entitled to advanced hosting as well as more advanced features such as automation, tracking, and all the funnels you need to have a complete and comprehensive marketing campaign.

You have access to all the essential features for capable lead generation, and you can use these features to create as many as you want. The Silver plan also offers you unlimited access to everything you need to make use of the critical online marketing strategies you require to stand out from the crowd. Giving you access to GrooveVideo and GrooveMember, among others, you can now create customer-oriented marketing videos and membership pages to convert, nurture, and increase customer retention. This plan is best suited for small businesses that are struggling to get leads as they provide unlimited access to an assortment of funnels that can deliver highly targeted and qualified leads.

3. GrooveFunnels Gold Plan – $199:

The ultimate plan that gives you access to all the higher-level features of GrooveFunnels, including GrooveBlog, GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz, GrooveDesk, and GrooveCalendar.

Getting you access to 11 highly optimized, super easy to use, and powerful tools, the Gold plan also offers you the ability to generate unlimited leads for all your funnels with added features for your customer experience. You get access to numerous premium templates for your funnels, giving you the option to create complex and highly informative funnels. And if you choose to subscribe to the highly discounted lifetime plan, you get access to 3 added tools that include GroovePages for Shopify, GrooveWebinars, and GrooveKart.

These three tools in themselves are worth 1000’s and empower you to create your own fully-featured eCommerce website along with creating highly dynamic and interactive webinars to optimize your marketing campaigns.

4. GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan:

For just $1397, you land the Platinum lifetime plan that gives you the best deal you can get from GrooveFunnels. This plan includes access to all the features from every single package available in GrooveFunnels, along with awesome support.

In addition, it enables you to generate unlimited leads for all your funnels, manage up to 25,000 contacts, integrate the core functionality of GrooveFunnels with Shopify, and sell unlimited e-commerce products. Lastly, here are some more added advantages to this plan.

1. You do not get to keep a 40% commission on every new lead that becomes a paying GrooveFunnels customer.

2. You are also entitled to 10% commissions from every 2nd tier affiliate that you are generating.

3. Affiliate bonus is also being paid, which makes for great added revenue for you.

Now that you know what each of the plans offers and their costs, it is up to you to choose one that matches with your business objectives and is most suitable and budget-friendly for you. To further help you make a better decision, here’s a brief introduction to every tool you get with GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan.

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4.1 GroovePages for Shopify:

A premium Shopify app that is generously priced at $49/M is included in the platinum lifetime plan. It enables you to create amazing, customer-driven, fast, and SEO ready online stores in minutes without the need for technical knowledge. It boasts of its super easy layout and allows you to create smart and beautiful online shop websites easily. Giving you the freedom to modify the appearance, home page, and product page to match your brand style, it can be further customized by using the numerous templates that come with the package to give you the best results possible.

4.2 GrooveWebinars:

A wonderful webinar tool that allows you to deliver compelling online webinars to your website and convert your leads into subscribers and customers. Building your online list with high converting webinars and empowering you to reach your leads. The package supports multiple concurrent registrations, which means you can invite as many people as possible, track their attendance, conduct surveys, generate leads, and deliver high converting offers. With the help of the highlight in the webinar and the ability to capture leads before and after the webinar, it is highly effective for small business owners who are looking to generate leads and increase their bottom line.

4.3 GrooveKart:

An easy and simple eCommerce solution that helps you build an online shopping cart website in minutes. Customer-oriented and ideal for e-commerce business owners, it is compatible with multiple payment gateways, comes packed with beautiful, first-class templates, and has the ability to let you accept more than 70 payment methods. The eCommerce app enables maximizing the potential of your store by including an array of customization options that can give your store a nice personalized feel. It also has a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to design your online store in the most visual way possible. In addition, it helps you sell unlimited products without the need for additional coding.

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans – Conclusion:

GrooveFunnels is an attractive, functional, and powerful digital marketing tool that will enable you to generate high converting leads and effortlessly grow your business. Easy to get started and designed by marketers for marketers, GrooveFunnels is the best you can get. With access to multiple advanced features, it gives you the option to create and publish the funnels that can drive higher quality leads. In addition, it allows you to access an array of helpful tools in order to optimize your marketing campaigns. So, if you are looking to boost your leads, and you need something that can help you stand out from the crowd, then nothing can be better than GrooveFunnels.

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