Thumbnail Blaster Pro Review (2022)

Hey readers! Today’s article is all things exciting. I think we all owe the success of your jobs to technology and tools. And that’s today’s focus. 

I’m going to talk about a new tool for your arsenal. And that product is none other than the Thumbnail Blaster Pro, which is software dedicated to creating unique thumbnails. 

Through the Thumbnail Blaster Review, you’ll find out crucial information as to what makes this software so popular and reliable. The Thumbnail Blaster Pro Review aims to highlight the key factors and help you to differentiate between what’s what. 

Along with the attributes, we’ll also see if the software is what it claims to be or are there any faults to it. 

So, let’s get going. 

Thumbnail Blaster Pro: An Overview 

When it comes to the internet, views and clicks are what makes a content creator successful and more prominent among the business. But the audience isn’t as gracious as you tout it to be.

Each day, your viewers get impatient as to the quality of your content. So how to keep them involved without wasting your time? 

Enter Thumbnail Blaster, an all-in-one stop where you can create click-worthy thumbnails and spend more time on your content. 

But the question is, why does Thumbnail Blaster Pro work? And that’s what the Thumbnail Blaster Pro review is going to answer.

Thumbnail Blaster claims that a content creator can attract the audience in three simple clicks. The brand claims to have an artificial-intelligence-based application that functions for YouTube, Facebook, or any other video platform. 

But how true are these claims? 

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What’s Thumbnail Blaster? 

Thumbnail Blaster is an optimal-quality thumbnail creator which is hosted online through the cloud. Similar to other video marketing platforms, it comes in standard as well as pro versions.

Both versions exhibit features that allow you to create thumbnails and build your profile that could generate more traffic for your content. 

Why Choose Thumbnail Blaster? 

What good will a high-ranking video achieve if nobody clicks to have a look at it? That’s how thumbnails help you. 

Thumbnails act as your first line of defense in the war of gaining clicks and views. They seem to be a determining factor in the Click-Through-Rate. 

And that’s why thumbnails are crucial. Your thumbnail could attract your viewers and may even end up in a sale. So, you know that it has to be the best. 

Another crucial business gossip for you is that there seems to be an increase in the use of thumbnails in video marketing. So why are you behind? 

Here’s how Thumbnail Blaster could help you: 

  • Thumbnail Blaster lets you create thumbnails. 
  • Thumbnail Blaster provides you with unique templates to make your work easier. 

On the other hand, Thumbnail Blaster Pro (OTO 1) claims to help you in the following ways: 

  • It lets you use multiple accounts inside the application.
  • Convenient integration with Vimeo. 
  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro possesses image filters.
  • The software exhibits Artificial Intelligence (AI) image analysis. 
  • It also exhibits testing abilities to find out which thumbnail generates a higher click-through rate. 
  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro allows for an extended license. 

So, there you have it, a convenient way of generating traffic for your content through both the standard and pro versions. Although, I must let you know that most features available through the pro version of the software are what’s out there in the market. 

But one differing factor is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) image analysis that’s something to look out for. 

Who Can Use Thumbnail Blaster? 

Through the Thumbnail Blaster Review, you’ll not only understand the features of the software but also how it’s useful to professionals. However, you don’t necessarily need to be a learned video marketeer to utilize the features the software offers. 

Let’s have a look at who this software works for: 

  • The program seems to be useful for YouTube marketers who want to generate more traffic on their content. 
  • The software carries the potential to be of use for local businesses and agencies as well. 

These are just a few of the platforms that work with Thumbnail Blaster Pro. 

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Features of Thumbnail Blaster Pro 

Features are what attract potential customers. The way you utilize features to attract viewers, Thumbnail Blaster Pro also makes use of the same logic. 

Let me present to you some of the features of the Thumbnail Blaster Pro, which will let you understand the software in depth and find out whether the hype is real. 

Split-Test Module 

Split-Test Module is a new feature of the Thumbnail Blaster Pro, which lets you find out which thumbnails convert better without having to create individual thumbnails. 

When it comes to getting your videos on the priority list of the YouTube algorithm, clicks play a critical role. 

So, an attractive feature of the Thumbnail Blaster Pro is the ability to split test your thumbnails to find out which one is generating more traffic. The split-test module allows you to find out which thumbnail gets you more clicks, which in turn brings in more views. 

Here’s how the Split-Test Module works: 

  • Step I – Select the two thumbnails that you want to compare and test. 
  • Step II – Start the split test. The Thumbnail Blaster will work, check your views hourly, and change the thumbnails automatically. 
  • Step III – Once the split test is over, the Thumbnail Blaster will automatically set the thumbnail with higher conversions. 

I find this feature impressive because it seems to save time and provide efficient results. But one thing is that this feature is gradually becoming mainstream and easily available. 

Vimeo Integration 

Along with YouTube, Vimeo is another video-marketing platform that seems to be a favorite in the business. Thumbnail Blaster seems to incorporate itself with Vimeo as well. 

The thumbnails exist as standalone files that you can download, edit, and then upload on the platform of your choice, which also includes Vimeo. 

However, this feature isn’t as exciting as it appears. Most thumbnail software now makes it their priority to imbibe with all sorts of video marketing software. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Analysis 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Analysis allows you to connect to a smart computer that lets you analyze your images in detail. 

The feature acts like a pair of eyes that keep on providing you with recommendations on your thumbnails. 

Image Filters 

Image Filters is another feature of Thumbnail Blaster Pro. It lets you change the appearance of your image by providing options such as color correctness, hues, brightness, and much more. 

The feature also allows you to blur or pixelate your image as per your choice. 

Doesn’t this feature remind you of every other image editing software? Me too. Image filters are the plainest features that are even available in smartphone apps. In simple terms, this feature isn’t that appealing. 

Drag and Drop Technology 

The Thumbnail Blaster Pro seems to feature a user-friendly interface. With an ergonomic design, you can conveniently drag and drop the elements to work on your thumbnail. 

But I must let you know that this feature also forms a part of every other editing software. Again, nothing unique to this. 

Customizable Thumbnails 

With this feature, you can change fonts, layouts, colors, styles, and color themes. So, it lets you have a unique description of your content. 

Yet again, you could achieve this by using any other thumbnail editing software. 

Design Elements 

Design Elements could be a crucial determinant when it comes to the success of a thumbnail. The Thumbnail Blaster Pro comes with a library of various design elements that you can utilize to enhance the appearance of your thumbnail. 

Background Remover 

Background Remover is a feature that seems to be highly functional and useful. 

The feature allows you to eliminate the unattractive backgrounds or green screen effects if your image exhibits it. 

Extended License 

If you’re using the Thumbnail Blaster Pro version, you can use your account to provide services to others by extending your account. However, do note that this feature is not available in the Thumbnail Blaster standard version. 

Now that you’ve had a look at features you can see that there are only a handful of them that are one-of-a-kind. What good will this software achieve if every other software also possesses the same attributes? 

The Thumbnail Blaster Review aims to provide you with an unbiased description of the Thumbnail Blaster and works to be as detailed as can be. 

Pros and Cons of Thumbnail Blaster Pro 

Any time you think of participating in a product, you should always look at both sides of the story. Up until now, you’ve seen the general characteristics and features of the Thumbnail Blaster Pro. 

You’re in awe of the software and its properties. But I promised an unbiased review. And that’s why you need to understand the pros and cons of the Thumbnail Blaster Pro. 

So, here’s a look. 


  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro is convenient to use. 
  • The program is cloud-based. 
  • It exhibits simple drag-and-drop features to promote a friendly user-interface. 
  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro possesses an extensive library of design elements. 
  • The software features over a hundred built-in templates. 
  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro boasts an artificial intelligence image analyzer. 
  • With the Thumbnail Blaster Pro, you get access to an extended license. 
  • The program features a split-test-module that allows you to reduce your working time. 


  • Thumbnail Blaster Pro requires a lot of upgrades. 
  • You can access the full benefits only from upsells. 
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Benefits of Thumbnail Blaster Pro 

Software as reliable and user-friendly as the Thumbnail Blaster Pro boasts several attractive benefits that could be useful for you. The reliability of the brand is a bonus.

But how many of these benefits are true to their nature? 

Let’s look at some of the benefits the Thumbnail Blaster Pro has to offer. 

Easy to use 

One of the qualities of Thumbnail Blaster Pro that I appreciate is that it’s easy and convenient to use. The user-friendly interface makes it a preferred choice among the users who don’t want to spend their time learning complicated design software. 

Automatic Creation 

Thumbnail Blaster Pro seems to have given a lot of thought to content creation and up-gradation. The easy to use software makes use of the split-test module and automatically updates the thumbnail that could generate more views. 

Drag-and-drop Feature 

The drag-and-drop features make it easier for users to have a smooth working experience with the Thumbnail Blaster Pro. It exhibits qualities such as a crop, resize, change fonts, add new elements, and much more. 

However, this feature is a standard of every editing software. 

Extensive Template Base 

Thumbnail Blaster Pro boasts general and click-bait templates for all types of niches. The brand claims that they keep the customers covered by allowing freedom of customizable templates in different sizes. 

Freedom of Size 

With the Thumbnail Blaster Pro, you could create thumbnails for any style of videos.  The feature carries the potential of allowing you to have an incredible experience while creating content. 

However, many upcoming software are adding this feature to their portfolio along with other attributes. 

Design Elements 

With an ever-expanding library of design elements, you could download any image for your thumbnail from the library and make it unique with the help of the other features Thumbnail Blaster Pro exhibits. 

How to Purchase Thumbnail Blaster Pro and Guarantees? 

Interested users can avail of the software through the official website. The software retails at $97.00 with a one-time payment and comes with a full money-back guarantee of sixty days. 

I find this quality impressive because most other software only allows a thirty-day return. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Thumbnail Blaster Pro a cloud-based software? 

Yes, Thumbnail Blaster Pro is cloud-based software. Everything seems to be available on the company’s servers and requires no installations or downloads. 

  • Are there free updates for the Thumbnail Blaster Pro? 

Yes, you get free auto-updates for this software. Whenever a new update is available, the cloud-based server will automatically upgrade your setup. 

  • Does the software only work with YouTube? 

Thumbnail Blaster Pro exhibits an interface that makes it useful almost across all platforms. You could download the thumbnails in JPEG or PNG form and then upload them on Vimeo or Facebook. 


So, guys, we’re at the end. And what have we learned from the Thumbnail Blaster Review? 

You got a detailed description of the attributes that the Thumbnail Blaster Pro exhibits, a look at the benefits, and the overall experience. 

But I feel that the program could use some upgradations that could make it stand out from the competition. 

Overall, Thumbnail Blaster Pro is a decent choice and has my recommendation, but you’re free to research some more. In conclusion, Thumbnail Blaster Pro offers adequate support and sufficient tools for your work. 

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