Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review (2022)

Spending hours creating content for a platform, editing it, uploading the content with confidence and concealed hopes, and not receiving the results you were expecting can be a difficult moment. 

You can keep on looking at your screen to see an increment in the views, but even weeks later, there’s no change. What do you do? How do you gain traction for your content? 

Enter Video Marketing Blaster Pro. It carries the potential to solve the problems of every content creator. Now whether it works for you is up to you and the capability of the program itself. 

Through the Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review in 2022, you’ll understand why the software is reliable and how it helps you gain momentum and generate traffic for your content. But the review will also talk about how the program could get better in the future. 

So, let’s talk about how to get those views through the Video Marketing Blaster Review. 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro: An Overview 

Video Marketing Blaster is a dynamic software that claims to solve all problems when it comes to garnering an audience for your visual content. The program claims to give its users exact numbers and data in just a single click. 

But how does marketing software become so dependable and trustworthy? How does it allow the customers to move ahead in their business? 

That’s what the Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review will help you understand, and by the end of the review, you’ll be inching towards what you want and how you want to proceed. 

What’s Video Marketing Blaster Pro? 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro is a user-friendly software that claims to find the keywords people use to search for videos on YouTube. Now it may seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s not. 

The software lets you know which keywords could show up at the top of your YouTube, along with an estimate of the number of free views you could gain from it. 

After choosing the keywords you desire, Video Marketing Blaster Pro then creates a title and tag that are useful for the keyword to boost your video in the search results. However, I must express that using keyword search has become too mainstream and this feature is something that’s available in most video marketing software. 

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Why Choose Video Marketing Blaster Pro? 

Does the question remain that why you should choose Video Marketing Blaster for your video traffic needs? Yes! The Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review aims to paint a clear picture of what the software is all about. 

There’s no favoritism but an only impartial explanation. 

Here’s how the standard version of the Video Marketing Blaster works out for you: 

  • The program allows you to search for keywords and optimize them for the benefit of your content. 
  • You could get an accurate and convenient analysis of the keywords to save time. 
  • Video Marketing Blaster provides exact ratios and numbers in less time to improve your working capacity. 
  • It provides you with an easy-to-follow user interface that amplifies your content’s performance. 

The Video Marketing Blaster Pro claims to help you in the following ways: 

  • It exhibits an extensive keyword finder similar to the Video Marketing Blaster standard version. 
  • The second module consists of a carefully-designed SEO generator. 
  • You also get access to niche analysis. 
  • You could understand how the ranking factor works on YouTube. 
  • The Video Marketing Blaster Pro features an option for Multiple Campaigns. 
  • It provides access to a Template Generator. 
  • The Split Blaster also forms a part of the Video Marketing Blaster Pro. 

Although Video Marketing Blaster Pro possesses many features that aren’t so uncommon, the Niche Analysis is what makes it stand its ground. 

Who can use Video Marketing Blaster Pro? 

The Video Marketing Blaster Review also highlights who the software is useful for, along with how. You could easily grasp the features of Video Marketing Blaster Pro even if you’re not so skilled. 

Here’s who Video Marketing Blaster Pro could be useful for: 

  • Content creators who’re looking for optimization to generate traffic on their content. 
  • People who want to use specific keywords to help their videos get a boost to the top of the list. 
  • People who want to analyze specific niches to understand their audience. 
  • Content creators who want to get an idea of rank generation. 
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Features of Video Marketing Blaster Pro 

Several features make Video Marketing Blaster Pro what it is. High-quality performance, along with brand reputability, is something to look out for in Video Marketing Blaster Pro. 

Here’s a look at the features Video Marketing Blaster has to offer. 

Untapped Keywords 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro suggests keywords that could relate to your primary niche. The program offers such keywords that you can exploit to generate high traffic for your content. 

Even though this feature may seem highly attractive, its something that you could find in any other software as well. 

SEO Optimization 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro has a feature that analyzes the performance of your competitors, identifying their strong suits and weak points for your benefit. 

Through the SEO Optimization feature, Video Marketing Blaster Pro gives you a useful combination of titles, their description, and tags to help improve your rankings. 

Video Details 

The Video Details Module gets you optimized titles and tags through a balance of analysis and research. This module could prove to be useful for improving your ranking. 

I must tell you that this feature appears somewhat similar to how the keyword process works. So, there’s nothing new and unique to this feature. 

Rank Tracker 

If you want to keep tabs on your ranking and how much traffic you’re generating, then Video Marketing Blaster Pro offers rank tracking. 

The Rank Tracker allows for an easy understanding of your working process and highlights what changes you can make to enhance your performance. Rank Tracker is one feature that makes purchasing Video Marketing Blaster Pro quite lucrative. 

Templates Module 

The Templates Module is an advanced feature of the Video Marketing Blaster Pro. Once you get a hold of this feature, there’s no time to waste. 

The program claims that with help from this feature, you could find out hundreds of target keywords and dominate your niche. 

Again, I must highlight that there’s no versatility to this feature and it works similar to the keyword and the video details. 

Multiple Campaigns 

Once you start garnering traffic, you’ll need to scale. For successful scaling, you’ll need assistance from Multiple Campaign support. 

Agency Rights 

One of the best features of Video Marketing Blaster Pro is that it offers Agency Rights to you. 

With this feature, you could rank hundreds of videos for your clients in a few simple steps.  You could even charge a fee for this service. 

I personally like this feature because it represents a co-ordination between the user and the software. 

YT Comment Blaster 

The YouTube Comment Blaster claims to help you grow your YouTube channel automatically. Video Marketing Blaster claims this to be the most efficient way to gain more views and subscribers for your channel. 

Here’s how YT Comment Blaster works: 

  • Step I – Search for the target videos.
  • Step II – Enter the comments. 
  • Step III – Schedule an auto comment posting. 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro possesses several features that make it worthy of an investment. With such technology in your ledger, your content is bound to generate optimum traffic. 

However, I must tell you that many of it’s features work on the same principle and don’t exhibit a wide range of advantages. Such a lapse in the character building of the software could negatively impact its performance. 

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing Blaster Pro 

Before you purchase Video Marketing Blaster Pro, have a look at the pros and cons and then decide. You don’t want to jump to conclusions regarding the potency of this software and then find out that it doesn’t suit your work. 

So here are the pros and cons of Video Marketing Blaster Pro. 


  • Video Marketing Blaster Pro is convenient and practical to use. 
  • The software has a user-friendly interface. 
  • The software offers optimization for YouTube rankings. 
  • Video Marketing Blaster Pro offers accurate analyses of the keyword search. 
  • It features a keyword finder that could prove to be useful for improving your ranking. 
  • Another great feature is the Niche Analysis Module that allows you to see how many views, backlinks, and signals you require for higher ranks. 
  • The Rank Tracking Module is another useful attribute that lets you keep tabs on your performance. 
  • You can also track the rankings of videos. 
  • The program offers Agency Rights to help enhance your video marketing performance. 


  • The Video Marketing Blaster Pro requires continuous updates. 
  • Many of the features exhibit similar properties and results. 
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Benefits of Video Marketing Blaster Pro 

The Video Marketing Blaster Pro features multiple benefits that secure its place among top notch video marketing programs. 

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits the program has to offer and find out whether they’re worth considering. 

Accurate Analysis 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro allows you to find the exact keywords through crucial and detailed analyses that help you gain a lot of free views. Knowing which keywords to target means half of your work is done. If you get this step right, you could be able to gather hundreds of views within days. 

Please note that this benefit depends on how you handle the feature. So, in a way, you’ll be doing the work. 

Convenient User Interface 

One of the most prominent benefits of Video Marketing Blaster Pro is the user-friendly interface. You get access to multiple features, a high-quality and performance, which is easy to follow. 

This is one of the attributes I look out for when reviewing a software and I must say that Video Marketing Blaster Pro hits this right out of the stadium. 

Automated Optimization 

Writing descriptions for YouTube videos can be quite a task. But Video Marketing Blaster Pro does the heavy lifting for you. Once you decide the keyword you want to use, Video Marketing Blaster Pro creates an optimized title, description, and tag for that keyword. 

Template Support 

The Template Support feature allows you to generate titles, descriptions, and tags through customized templates. It could prove to be a great way to improve your rankings. 

But this feature works similar to the Automated Optimization and hence doesn’t provide anything new that the other feature isn’t already providing. 

Multiple Campaign Support 

Multiple Campaign Support is like a planner where you can manage your data. Through this feature, you could set up campaigns for your videos or each client. 

Track your Ranking 

The Rank Tracker is probably one of the favorite features of Video Marketing Blaster Pro. With this feature, you get the ability to keep a check on your performance and ranking and find out how you need to make changes for betterment. 

How to Purchase Video Marketing Blaster Pro? 

Interested users can purchase Video Marketing Blaster Pro from their official website at $97.00. The software offers a full refund within thirty days if dissatisfied with the performance which seems impressive to me. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Video Marketing Blaster Pro support multiple languages? 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro works in multiple languages in any niche. You could do the keyword search and rank for any foreign language. 

  • Are there free updates available? 

Whenever a new update is available, the software automatically updates to the newer version. 

  • Are there any upsells? 

Video Marketing Blaster Pro gives reasonable deals on other Blaster Products that could be helpful in your journey of video marketing. 

  • What are the system requirements for Video Marketing Blaster Pro? 

The Video Marketing Blaster Pro works well on the Microsoft Windows platform. For a decent streaming quality, the company recommends an Intel i3 CPU and 4G of memory. 


So, there you have it, an extensively researched and thoroughly reviewed article that could be helpful for you to decide on the potency of Video Marketing Blaster Pro. 

The Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review attempts to answer the question if the software is worth it? 

Even though Video Marketing Blaster Pro has a concrete standing in the business, it does require a makeover. Instead of using three features to provide the same end result, the program could give them alternating properties. 

That said, Video Marketing Blaster Pro does exhibit attributes and upsells that make it worth your time and money. We can safely conclude that the program could be beneficial for you as it is and work wonders if they come up with the necessary changes. 

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